Why TVI Express

A Direct Selling Company that understands your dreams
At TVI Express, we advocate and promote an entrepreneurial spirit. Our greatest desire is to help people achieve their dreams, while sharing the potential for personal development with the world. We offer equal opportunity to all our distributors through fair commissions, rewards and attractive incentives, such as overseas travel, dream house, luxury cars and private jets.

Global business expanding opportunities
TVI Express is committed to making a difference by sharing its benefits with the world. We offer you a business without bounds, in a global market to conduct the business. As of 2008, TVI Express has spread beyond UK, with an International presence in 150 countries strong & growing. And with the expansion of TVI into other countries currently underway, the world is waiting to join in. As a registered TVI distributor, your business opportunities are endless. You can sponsor friends and relatives in any country as your down-lines, and in this way, continue to expand your business across the globe.

TVI provides a solid platform for self-growth, individually and collectively. At TVI, we believe in knowledge empowerment. In the mature market that TVI is operating in, more than 2,000 skill enhancement training programs are conducted annually to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit & full potential of our distributors coming from diverse strata of society. We believe in Total Training - in self confidence, leadership, knowledge, presentation skills, system education and marketing skills. Every distributor enjoys unlimited access to our trainings and events. Besides economic independence, the TVI experience has granted people a sense of self - actualisation.

Great Financial Rewards
TVI Express allows you to take charge of your financial destiny. You will enjoy a healthy bank account that's growing daily through the well - designed and high paying Compensation Plan.
TVI's Marketing Plan integrates the two most widely used Leadership Bonus systems in the industry, i.e., the Revolving Matrix System and the Infinite level paying Matrix System, to provide distributors with 5 lucrative incentives.

• Revolving Matrix
• Residual Income
• Power Pool
• Incentives

We pay tribute to excellence. We reward our distributors at each milestone on their journey to the top with various motivating awards and incentive systems. TVI salutes our distributors’ achievements, both big or small, through recognition events, some of them attracting thousands of people. Your achievements prove that you CAN DO IT whatever others may say. You are a WINNER!

Total Customer Satisfaction
We care for and respect our distributors, as they are TVI’s first line of customers. We provide you with facilities, knowledge and practical training to develop your full potential. As a part of Total Customer Satisfaction program and to help you succeed, TVI offers speedy and friendly staff to assist you in various ways. TVI’s impeccable customer support facilities are at service of our distributors round the clock. With such level of commitment, we can build, maintain and sustain a World Class Service fit for a World Class TVI.

At TVI, you are recognised as an important member of the big, happy TVI Family that boasts thousands of Distributors in 50 countries. TVI offers many activities that are specially designed to promote togetherness and mutual support including more than 2,000 training sessions each year, glamorous recognition events, festive Open House and fun carnivals. Some of our highly acclaimed leadership and self-development training sessions focus on team activities, games and the power of togetherness that will help you to self-actualize your dreams. TVI is more than just a business opportunity. Through the spirit of togetherness and team unity, our TVI distributors also get to enjoy a social life and learn self-development.

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"I love every minute of it"

Dave Smith
London, United Kingdom

"This business lets you have the lifestyle you want..."

Fiona Edwards
New York, United States

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